Friday, October 23, 2009

Discouragement Turned Encouragement

So, I have to be completely honest. I had a rough "crafting" day yesterday. I decided that since I have a hard time getting started (because I get overwhelmed with the amount of supplies I have) that I should check out some other blogs for inspiration. Yeah, probably not the best idea I've ever had. Rather than getting some great ideas (which I probably did glean) I was so discouraged. I was looking at all of these beautiful and intricate designs and cards thinking to myself, "mine don't look like that." I was bummed, but then I decided that I was doing just fine. The cards that I saw were gorgeous, but the ladies that made them have probably been doing this stuff for a long time. :) So, rather than staying discouraged I started to get encouraged. Rather than thinking about it like, "my cards aren't as good," I started to look at it like, "look at what my cards could strive to be." I made a couple cards last night and was quite please with myself. I will continue to look at other blogs for inspiration, but I will have a whole new mindset as I peruse them. :)


Mallory said...

Ok now I am rethinking what I was planning to do tonight! I have 2 blogs that have great resources for card makers...think people who have been doing it for years and are way amazingly talented. I was planning on sending the links to you tonight for inspiration, but I may wait that one out :)

Natalie said...

No, no, no!! :) Totally give them to me! :) Rather than comparing my cards to the ones in the blogs I am just gleaning ideas. That was my problem. I was comparing and falling short, but only in my mind. :) Thanks for thinking of me! :)