Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Practice Makes Creative

So, these are some of my latest cards that I've made. I am trying really hard to be creative, but sometimes I just end up staring at all of my supplies thinking to myself, "Come on. You've got all these papers and embellishments. Think of something!" I am hoping that it will get easier the more I do it. We'll see though. I have never been one for homemade stuff. I like store bought items, but I am learning to like them. I have started making cards with specific people in mind. If every person makes something handmade with the amount of thought and attention that I put into one card then there is a lot of love that goes into each item. I like making something that I know (well, hope) a friend or family member with like. I think a card says, "I'm thinking about you", but a homemade card says, "I'm thinking about you and I love you."

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an encourager said...

You are so right - a homemade card does say both!!! You are extremely talented - you write poems, even! -- I think the more you make cards, the more creative juices kick in. There are tons of scrapbooking blogs; find some when you are "staring". :) The cards here look darling!!!