Friday, November 06, 2009


Elizabeth Embellishments
(I think this is my favorite, especially for the price!)

(but out of stock at the moment)


So, I have decided that I would ADORE having a chandelier above our kitchen table. I have seen them at friend's houses and in magazines...I love anything that sparkles! I have hunted and found some that are within my price range (my birthday is in two I am helping with ideas! lol). I was really surprised with the beauty of them considering they are all sub-$100! The best part is that my favorite one is the second cheapest (ask my husband...this NEVER happens!). Which ones do you like? My decor is Parisian and I think this is exactly what I need! :)

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Mallory said...

I am loving them! I am so glad you have been able to find some reasonably priced chandeliers. I love the one that you love, but I actually love all of them! The IKEA one is well priced and super cute, but it is quite small in person. Cant wait to see what you end up getting!