Monday, November 09, 2009

I pulled it off!!

So, I decided that for Jim's birthday I was going to throw him a surprise party. Now for those who don't know my hubby, I have the hardest time tricking him with gifts for birthdays and Christmas. I was determined....and I DID it!! :) I was so excited! He was ready to kill me, but that's just because he doesn't like people making a big deal (or even a small one) about his birthday. So sorry Love! You are married to me and birthday's are my FAVORITE!! :) The cake was made by one of the junior students in our youth group! Isn't it amazing?! I am so glad the party was a hit because I have been informed I'm not allowed to throw him another surprise party! hahaha! (I didn't get picks of any family because I didn't start taking pics until the end when things slowed down for me...the only bummer part of the whole party!).

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HattonHome said...

...And we forgive you for not getting us in any of the pictures!! It was a blast, and there were tons of people there - I totally know how it goes I had such a hard time getting pictures taken at Logan's birthday party too!! :) Well, good job on the whole party ~ it was fabulous!! Love you!!