Thursday, February 18, 2010

Surprise? Yes, please!

I love and hate surprises. I hate them because I have control issues so its very hard for me to let go and let someone else! lol I love them because I love the feeling of being thought of and surprises are one of the best ways to show that. How you might ask? Well, merely the forethought and planning that goes into a surprise means (obviously) that it wasn't a last minute type of thing. The reason I bring this up is because my wonderful hubby told me several months ago that he knew what he wanted to do for our anniversary. He has since set something into motion. He said I would never be able to figure it out and as the time draws near, I find that he is correct in every way. Now our anniversary isn't until the end of May, but we are celebrating it on March 7th. The reason being our friend's (Jackie & Travis-another couple from our church that we volunteer with) anniversary is in April. Travis is leaving at the end of March for bootcamp, so my husband (being the sweet guy he is) decided to drag them into this as well. So now, the guys are busy planning and we are left trying to figure out what we are doing. My husband, Jim, told me on Tuesday that I would need to go out and buy an outfit for this "event". After pleading and trying to coerce information out of high school juniors (did I mention they are helping with this whole thing??) Jim relented and told us what type of clothing we needed to buy. I had informed him that if it was formal wear or anything specific I needed more than a weeks notice. I had to remind him that we aren't in California any more and trying to find anything that is a dress or dressy is extremely difficult (yeah, Oregonian's idea of dressing up is a nice shirt, jeans, and boots).

Now Jackie and I have a shopping date (my favorite kind of date!) set for this weekend! Wish us luck. I will update when I know more! Needless to say I am super excited, completely confused, and feel very loved.


Jennifer said...

Good luck on your shopping date and THANKS for your vote on The Lovelies!!!

an encourager said...

How fun for you guys!!!! The shopping, the Anniversary surprise, all of it!!!!