Sunday, April 04, 2010


I love Easter. I love everything that it stands for. I love being able to reflect on the sacrifice that my savior made for me, but not that he just died, but that he didn't stay dead.
Today started out a little behind schedule (ahem...okay so this is MOST mornings for me). I woke up late, rushed to get ready for church, and didn't have time to stop for coffee. Not the way I want to walk into a classroom full of 4 year olds.
As I was driving to church I was praying. I was praying for the believers that go to our church, as well as, the people who would be coming today because of it being Easter. My heart was heavy because today should have been a day focused solely on what Jesus did for us. I was saddened and frustrated that today of all days a group decided that our church should have an anti-abortion protest at its gates, despite the fact that our church is pro-life. The signs were extremely graphic and not at all what you want to see (ever) before heading into church.
But our God is so good! It was really wonderful to see that, although the protesters were out there, people didn't let it affect them. Only once was it brought up and that was by our pastor. He handled the whole situation with grace. We were able to still focus, worship, and give praise for what Jesus did for us without giving a second thought to anything else.
This Easter, although it started out behind schedule, coffee-less, and with some obstacles, was a great day. I hope your Easter with your family was simply amazing. :)


Jen said...

that is so strange to protest abortion at a church...a pro-life church...on easter? how odd?

I'm glad that you & your community didn't let it get you down. I am so thrilled to hear that it was handled with awesome that you got to demonstrate the love of Christ on EASTER!


Natalie said...

Yeah, I thought it was strange too. Apparently the person who spoke with our pastor said that they target "good churches to help make them better." I don't see how that is helpful. I am so thankful for our church congregation and that despite it all we were able to not let that stand in our way. :)
Thanks Jen!

HattonHome said...

Wow!! This shocks me too, why would you protest abortion on Easter? At a church? ...A pro-life church? Ummmm... ok. But I'm glad that it made you thankful for your church congregation! I hope the rest of your Easter went well too :) Isn't it just a glorious holiday? I love the fact that we get to celebrate his resurrection!!