Friday, April 09, 2010

Its Time to Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

So, I just found out about this party today, but who am I to turn down a party that sounds like so much fun?! It starts today and goes until the 16th. If I can decide to start the party can you! What are you waiting for? Make sure you check out 5 Minutes For Mom!

I am supposed to tell you a little bit about myself, so here goes nothing!

My name is Natalie and I have been married to the love of my life and best friend for 6 years (in May). We don't have any children, but we LOVE being an aunt and uncle to 3 adorable nephews, 1 beautiful niece, and 1 soon to be determined!

Me and Jim

just me :)

I am a bookkeeper for a property management company. I just started selling Mary Kay and I am having a blast with it! My husband and I work with the high school group at our church. I love working with my sophomore girls. They are so much fun! I also teach Sunday school and have a class full of super cute 4 and 5 year olds! I may not be a parent, but sometimes I definitely feel like a mom!

I grew up in California and we made the move to Oregon a couple years ago. I really like it, but sometimes I miss "home" with all the sunshine and warmth...and the speed limits. Oregon drives slow!!

My blog is pretty much whatever pops into my head. Sometimes I post about the latest trip that I did with my high schoolers and sometimes its something cute that I found. Its completely random, but completely me. :)

I love to shop, read, attempt crafts, Paris, kittens, pink, and anything that sparkles. I love my Savior and my husband. :)

Thank you for stopping by! I would love to read your blog as well, so be sure to leave a comment and have fun!! :)

Now on to my list of prizes if I were to be lucky enough to win:

39 -Be My Guest certificate ($250 value) for one lucky winner, (2 night stay for a family of four) at any Hilton Garden Inn.
Provided by: Hilton Garden Inn

85 – A $40 gift certificate from
Provided by: Beautiful Blooms

104 – Shoot Me Now is giving away one $50 Visa Vanilla Gift Card.
Provided by: Shoot Me Now!

73 – We will give away 2 (1 for each winner) – $30 Amazon gift cards to the winner so they can buy items of their choosing.
Provided by: Escalate Network

32 – $25 Target Gift Card!
Provided by: The Frugal Novice

49 – $25 gift card to Starbucks
Provided by: Janice Yurek

35 – Hobo International Clutch Bag worth $100
Provided by: Super Hero Boy

(or pretty much anything :D )


Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Hi Natalie! Its nice to meet you!

I'm visiting from UBP! Hope you can drop by my Party!!

Andrea said...

Hi! Following you from the party:-)

Parenting in blue jeans said...

Hi, just stopping in from the party. Pretty the title. Ya know, your only a bottle away!

Erin @ Closing Time said...

Hi Natalie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Closing Time. It's great to "meet" you. I can be quite random myself, and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

Sharon said...

Party! Party! Stopping in for the fun! :) Have a great Aloha weekend!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Hi There!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! What a {beautiful} wedding photo!! Merry Happy Weekend!! :)

Shell said...

Your wedding pic is gorgeous!

Stopping in from the par-tay!

Kirstin said...

Thanks for stopping by this morning! You are right...Oregon Speed limits are slow!!!! We live aboout 30 miles North or Portland and so we drive in Oregon a lot.

glad to meet you! I would love to go to Italy

Monique said...

Hi Natalie, my name is Monique from UBP10. I ♥ the Mary Kay concealer! I like how you are have an assortment of everything on your blog. Well, just wanted to say "hi!" and happy blog-hopping!
Cheers ❀

Dayngr said...

Hello! What a fun blog. I have a 4 and 5 year old and I've gone scuba diving in Aruba. It's been interesting to see what common threads we all have.

This is my first time visiting. I surfed in from 5 Minutes for Mom. Looking forward to getting to reading more as we go. If you'd like to read it, my Ultimate Blog Party 2010 post can be found at Dayngrous Discourse. I hope you'll surf on over and say hello.

Annette D said...

Great to meet you! I enjoyed your post.

cathy said...

nice to meet you and thanks for commenting on my site. i think UBP is wonderful and i look forward to reading your blog :)

USCGWifey said...

Following back! Thanks so much for stopping by!

HattonHome said...

Wow, looks like this is quite the party!! Good luck, I hope you have fun and win something good :) I love hearing "a little about you" when I already know you :) As always, I love your blog :)

Terin Selena said...

Hi Natalie! I'm stopping by from the party. My sister sells Mary Kay, too, and she really enjoys it.

Kristen said...

It's nice to meet you! I'm sure you hear this all the time but you have gorgeous eyes! Stopping in from the UBP and hope to see you at 'my place'!

jessieasjune said...

Hi, your blog was listed in the numbers nearby mine, so I wanted to start there so people in the middle would get visitors, too! I love your blog name, its great! Your blog is so cute, and your wedding picture is great. Your flowers are so pretty! I will follow you and be back soon! Feel free to come by my blog if you have a moment when partying!!! Its at
Have a super weekend, Jessie

Launa said...

Stopping by from the UBP! What a great blog!! I love Oregon! Anyways, hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Happy Saturday!

Momma Such said...

Following you back!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog at :)

Have a great weekend!

Layton Family Joy said...

fun title - I am blonde! =)
Happy Blog Party!!

Janene said...

Have a good time partying with UBP10. Stop by if you get a chance And see what we have to help you Stop Drop and Relax. Visit our store at and Prepare To Be Pampered.

RN Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

So, what's this party thing all about? I heard someone else talking about it too! Did I already miss out?

craftygal86 said...

Hi Natalie! I'm a new follower of your blog and thought I'd say a quick "hello" for the party! Love your wedding picture - beautiful =D

Adam+Tatum said...

Great to meet you! Your blog is cute.....and the work you are doing with highschool aged girls is wonderful.....we need more people like you!

Rachel said...

Ho Natalie :)

God Bless you! Thanks for stoppig by my blog and introducing myself. You have a beautiful blog.

I love that you are a teacher as well.. a mother of many children!

Well I hope to get to know you better. Take care.


Molly said...

Great blog! Nice to meet you!

Happy UBP!

Life Without Pink said...

It is great to meet you! Thanks for coming by my blog. Cute title!

Marsha said...

Hi, Natalie! It's nice to meet you. I love your blog name.

Debbie said...

Nice to meet you. I am your newest follower from the UBP. Hope you have a great week.

Holly said...

Hi there! Happy UBP10 party! I am a California girl...I still am, but in Central Cali now...I miss So. Cal weather a lot! Oh the sunshine. I love sparkles too!

504 Main

joeandbridge said...

Hi there! Just popping in from the UBP to be your newest Google Follower! Hooray! Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week! Swing by my blog when you get a chance!

Bridgette Groschen
The Groschen Goblins

Marci said...

Just Party Hopping and thought I'd say HI! I'm so relieved that I'm not the only brunette with blonde moments!!

Cascia said...

Just stopping by from the UBP at Five Minutes for Mom. I love your site and am subscribing to your RSS feed. I would appreciate it if you visited my blog and did the same! I'm looking forward to reading more and getting to know you better.

The Healthy Moms

Brandy said...

Just stopping by from the UBP. It's so nice to meet you!

Come visit me when you get a chance!

CrystalGB said...

What a pretty blog you have. :)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a GREAT blog....So great to meet you..

This is such a fun party and I have already met some of the greatest bloggers... I am sad it is about to end. I am amazed at all the different and creative blogs. Stop by for a visit...just leave a comment on any of the last few posts on either blog and you are eligible for the GRAND PRIZE $100 GIFT BASKET! I am going to draw Friday night.....

Staci said...

Hi Natalie! Thanks for visiting my blog! It's so nice to meet another blog that doesn't have kids. I, too, am an aunt and absoulutely LOVE it! I wish I could just get paid for being a full time aunt!!

Being a teacher and a leader in the children's ministry at church, I know what you mean about feeling like a mom sometimes!

Enjoy the party!

Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

I totally agree about Oregon! I love Oregon but the change from 75mph to 55mph was huge.
I'm visiting from UBP, come visit me sometime. Cheap Like a Birdie

Shop with Me Mama said...

Nice to meet you Natalie! You have beautiful eyes! Happy rest of the week :)