Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Intro to Scuba Diving...what am I thinking?!

So, my hubby got certified for scuba diving at the end of last year. He loves it. He really wants to get certified so that we can dive together. Sounds great, unless you are freaked out by the ocean because of *gulp* sharks. eck! After telling my husband no way, no how, I relented and said that I would try the into class (there aren't any sharks in a pool afterall). I have to admit that I had fun. I probably didn't look like it under water because I was focused. It really is a neat feeling.
Our intro class. Worked out nicely...we all knew each other :)
Jackie, our instructor-Mark, me, and Jacob-a student in our youth group

Jackie-I promise, she isn't 12. :) She loves diving!

Me waving to Jim who was taking the pics for the day

Me and Jackie-my dive buddy

just me with a majorly retro pink (I told them it had to be pink) mask

After trying the class (and because Jackie was going to) I told Jim that I would try to get certified. I think it helps that my girlfriend and I are taking the class together. I am still terrified of whats going to be in the water when we do our "open water dive", but on the plus side...all my gear (that you have to buy) is bright pink and black. It was pink and black or no diving for me. If I am going under...I am going to look cute while I am at it! Pics to come. :)
Wish us luck!!

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HattonHome said...

I hope you have just as much fun in your open water dives as you did in the pool!! Good luck :)