Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Extending your stay...now there's a thought.

Sorry if you missed me Monday and now Tuesday (totally tried to get this posted last night!). I had planned on typing this post up, but then I couldn't find my camera. I didn't want to make a post just to do another one later with pics. Then I couldn't figure out if I wanted to tell you everything in one post or multiple. I finally decided that I would split them. :)

And here we go...

I had a blast this weekend! First, our church's annual couple's retreat was on Friday. We normally just stay the duration of the retreat at the coast, which is Friday until Saturday evening. This year we decided to be wild and stay until Sunday. I am a planner, so I have to admit when this idea first popped up (on Thursday night) it kind of rocked my world.

After scrambling around trying to find someone to take my Sunday school class (thank you Tonia!) I was on the hunt for a hotel for Saturday night. I hopped online and pulled up every hotel I could think of. I didn't want to spend a lot of money (besides being a planner I am kinda cheap...errrr...a bargin hunter. ;) ). Did it ever occur to me to maybe find out the cost of extending our stay at the hotel we were already at on Friday? Not a chance. That would have made things too easy! In fact, that thought NEVER crossed my mind until we were driving there on Saturday night (I told Jim that I think my brain does stuff like that now just so that I can have something to blog about!)! lol I did find a hotel and we both loved it. So, it all worked out. :)

Our hotel room

Me and my hubby

Rayanna & me (she is in our young married's group at church)

Back to the retreat. It was wonderful. We have gone for the last 3 years (as long as we have been at this church). This year was a special treat because our senior pastor and his lovely wife were speaking. I just love them! We also got to mingle with other married couples and go out to lunch (Jim picked a yucky sea food place so I grabbed lunch somewhere else and tried not to gag as I smelled the sea food stench). Some we already knew pretty well and others not quite as well. It was a great time of getting to know others, spending time together with the Lord, and spending some quality "us" time. It was nice and most people would say "relaxing", but I don't "do" relaxing well, but it was still lots of fun. Jim loved the sauna and I loved the hot tub. :) So, it was definitely a fun time together!

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