Wednesday, May 26, 2010

$1 Flip Flops? Count Me In!

If you haven't read my last post thats okay, but you might feel like your missing something. If you hate to miss out on something then go here first! :)

Saturday we went to the Lincoln City outlet mall. Yes, I dragged my poor hubby to the outlets during our free time at the couple's retreat! haha! I let him ditch me and hang out wherever he wanted while I spent a majority of my time in Old Navy...not sure if you heard, but Saturday was $1 flip flops!! Woo hoo!! I bought this super cute scarf (in pink, of course), three pairs of flip flops (pink, purple, and white), and a swimsuit. I have been wanting a one piece for a while now. I couldn't find the exact picture of my swimsuit. This one is pretty close. Just imagine it in black with a gold rectangle holding the halter straps. I told my hubby I just need sparkley sunglasses. I feel very Hollywood in my swimsuit! hehe!

After hitting Old Navy I went on over to Maurice's. I found a couple of dresses that I wanted to try on, but in the time I was there (at least a half hour) my turn for the dressing room NEVER came. I was getting frustrated because I had limited time at the mall and had other places I wanted to hit up. :) I stood in line while I was contemplating some necklaces that I found. They had one cashier. One. The line was really long. I figured it just wasn't worth the wait. As I was walking out the door and around the corner I stopped. A necklace on the mannequin caught my eye (it was pink, which explains a lot!). I went back into the store, took the necklace off the mannequin, and hopped back into line. I guess that line wasn't THAT long when you find something you actually want!
Those were my fashion finds.

I did also buy a book by one of my favorite authors, Linda Chaikin- The Spoils of Eden. It literally came out on Friday, so they are shipping it to my house. :) I can't wait until it gets here! :)


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Cute pictures of you two!!