Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Day, Another Dive

Now if you haven't read my last two posts then you want to go HERE first and then HERE. Now you should be all up to speed! Oh, and this really isn't as long as it looks! :)

I mentioned on Friday that I was going on my first dive since getting certified. Well, I did it! I even got to show off my certification card! Oh yes...I'm SO official! :) We went to a scuba shop to rent my gear and our tanks. I needed a wetsuit. The one I was given to try on was huge!! So needless to say, I had to try another one on. The next one fit perfectly! I think it had more to do with the fact that it was pink and black and less to do with the size. hehe. Just sayin'.

not the best I was tired :)

With all our gear in tow, we were ready. I had been asking Jim lots of questions about where we were diving, what I should expect to see, and so on. I have to admit, I was pretty freaked out. I knew we wouldn't see a whole lot, but we also weren't walking into the water like I had done before. No. We were climbing rocks to reach the water. Then we were supposed to "roll" into the water. I asked him exactly what he meant by "roll." I decided nothing good comes from rolling almost anywhere.

This is where we dove and some of the rocks we climbed

hehe! He's so cute!

After getting all geared up Jim was ready for us to tackle to rocks. Problem? Ehh, sort of. My biggest problem was that I was sitting on the tailgate of his truck and my tank was SO heavy that I literally couldn't get up! Tanks are heavy, okay?! After yanking me up, we started in on the rock climbing. Jim was great. He helped me up and down the rocks. Until I reached one rock. I was supposed to step down and kind of keep walking. By this point my mind was still telling me I could do it, but my legs were screaming "no we can't!" I stepped down from the rock and I started sinking down into a squatting position. Jim is telling me not to do that, but my legs didn't care. My ankles ended up hitting my backside. Ugh. Now I had to get back up. I pushed as hard as I could with my legs and got back to a standing position. Let me just say that my legs have been extremely sore since then.

my gear :)

We made it to the water!! Next I had to get into the water. Thinking back on this scene, I can't help but laugh. Jim tells me to scoot into the water and I look at him like he's crazy. I can't touch the water. There is kelp (which I hate!) right next to me. The water is kind of pulling me into the water, while I am hanging on to a rock for dear life. I finally get into the water (I was wondering if at this point Jim was questioning why he wanted to dive with me in the first place). I panicked. Yes, I think this is how I am going to start every dive. He did such a great job with me. :)

After my initial "freaking out" it was pretty smooth sailing. Jim did hold my hand the whole time. If he let go for any reason I reached out and grabbed his other hand (totally serious when I said he had to hold it the ENTIRE time). We saw sea anemone, star fish, a "big" fish (girl version of big), and baby sand fish. I really liked what I saw. We both had a lot of fun. Jim did come to the realization that he can't navigate and hold my hand at the same time. So, we got a little lost. He didn't like that much. We are going to have to think about how to do it differently next time. Yes, next time. I think I will give it a go yet again. I like diving with my husband. He takes great care of me. Plus, he's cute. That always helps. :)


Kristin said...

I don't blame you. I would have gone for pink too!

Life Without Pink said...

Good for you. Actually that is my one fear, the ocean. I get all panicky just thinking about scuba diving. I wish I was brave because I am sure its amazing!