Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fact or Fiction?

Have you ever dreamed that you did something and thought that you actually DID it? Come on. Be honest now. This is just between you and me. ;)

(oh yes, this is my "huh?" flattering...actually there is another person in the pic with me lol!)

Well, it happened to me (again) today. I could have sworn that I had already requested my vacation time off in August. I was so convinced because I vividly remember talking to my boss. So much so, that I wasn't going to check or anything because I was certain that I had already taken care of it.

Then I checked my work calendar.



Then I started to question myself (and in some sense my sanity).

Maybe I really didn't ask for it off.

Maybe I imagined it.

But I remember asking.

Luckily for me (having done this before) I decided it was better to double check than to have someone else nab the week that I wanted. Not a thing was on that very much desired week. WHEW!! Thank goodness!!
Its mine now...all mine!
Where am I going? What am I doing? Wouldn't you like to know! ;) I will just have to save that for another time.

All this to say, crisis averted!!


HattonHome said...

Whew!! I was holding my breath through reading this, but relieved and excited (again) to know you have it off!! And Yes... I do that all the time; think I did or said something when I didn't ;)

Natalie said...

lol! yeah, I figured you all would not be thrilled with me if I had to work during the family vacation! haha!