Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Memories of Something Not Meant to Be

Do you remember when I was super excited about a new purse and a pair of shoes I was going to purchase?? Well, I just thought you would like an update. I know, took me long enough! Fear not! Your waiting has come to an end.

I bought the purse.

Loved the purse.

for two days.

yes, two.

I returned the purse because it broke.



Payless FINALLY has those shoes in the store (yes, I am a slacker and didn't order them online).

Tried them on.

Not for me. :(

They didn't fit my arch.

Oh well.


Kristen said...

Oh that stinks!!!! ;-/ Sorry!!!

Anonymous said...

I need to go to Payless when I get off. They have a super hot pair of pumps I want on their website.