Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Mermaid Syndrome

If you've already read my last post, then you know that I have been sick. Bleh! Talk about no fun. I am feeling better though. Just a little sneezy.

Oh yeah, did I mention I lost my voice? Yep. If you knew me (in person) you would know what a travesty this is for me. I am a HUGE talker. I also randomly burst into song. Totally not making that up-ask the hubby. It always takes me losing my voice (um, did I mention this usually happens to me in May??) to realize how much I talk and sing at work (hehehe) and communicate, but it also helps me realize that sometimes I seriously lack in the listening department.

Sometimes the sound of my own voice tends to block out the sound of others.

Others that I care about.

Others that need me to listen.

So, although I feel like I am dying (and secretly SO glad that there is texting) because I can't just say whatever pops into my head, I am also grateful for the yearly reminder that the Lord gives me to stop talking and start listening.

How do YOU do in the listening department?

I would love to hear from ya!


HattonHome said...

I like this blog!! I like to think that I am a good listener... but to be honest, since I am the Mom of a two year old I rarely get the time to listen uninterrupted to people. I also find myself tuning certain people out for one reason or another. But I am working on that. I think overall most of my friends say I am a great listener, but I have no misconceptions that we could all use a little work in this area. Thanks for making me think :) Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a great listener. I can be a huge talker depending on the subject matter. I do know when to zip it though.