Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Playing a Little Catch Up

So, things have been pretty insane here in "Natalie's World." I love to be busy, but sometimes I feel like I am running around with my head cut off and can't tell which way is up. Luckily, things have slowed down. June is looking pretty stinkin' nice compared to April and May (although they were fun).

Here is a recap of pictures promised, parties, goodbyes, and more scuba (of course!). : )

Remember my friend, Jackie? Well, she left me today for Texas to be nearer to her hubby while he finishes up tech. school. I am happy because I know that I don't like being away from my hubby, but sad because I miss her already. Our friendship jump started fairly quickly and we have been great buddies ever since. I am awaiting August when she returns to me. :)

Me & Jackie (isn't she cute?!)

Here are some more pics from our dive class. I really do love diving in a swimming fish and no eels!!

this is me getting out of the pool...took me half of forever to yank those fins off! lol

Jackie looking cold after being in the pool for a while

Our class...I'm the one with the pink snorkle and mask! :)

My nephew turned 2!! :) He had a fun pizza party. He was really cute watch. He loved the light up shoes we got him and the stuffed animal. Since we don't live in the same state as our other nephews and niece its extra exciting for us to be able to go to these birthday parties. :)

Logan eating his birthday cake

Logan blowing out his candles


Alysha said...

what a great weekend!! :) Looks like you had fun!

HattonHome said...

I'm sorry that you are missing Jackie, you two are blessed to have each other :)
And Logan had a blast at his birthday party too :) He LOVES his light up shoes!! I don't think he took them off for a week, literally - he even slept in them!! Now, I can get him to take them off when he goes to sleep, but he still LOVES them!!