Friday, June 25, 2010

A Bit of Cuteness and a Lot of Thanks

My sis is really great! Aside from being the mother to my adorable nephew, she also runs the children's department at her church. This week was VBS (vacation bible school). I remember how much I loved going when I was a kid. My sis is also pregnant (hooray for another nephew on the way!!) and lets just say that prepping for VBS is a massive undertaking. Since we knew that she had lots to get done (the day before VBS started), the hubs and I decided that we would steal away my nephew so that she could get her work done. Now technically these two pics are from the day before when we picked him up for the same reason, but they are too cute and I HAD to share them! :)

Thank you for all those who work in ministry and do so much for all the little ones! You do great work and are SO appreciated! :)

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