Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Its Official!

Well, at least by church standards. :) My girls are now "officially" juniors! I still have a hard time saying that. Juniors. Juniors, juniors, juniors. Wow. These past two years working with them have been great. We have had some great times, not so great times, and then more great times. I can't believe how fast they are growing up. Its amazing.

Winter camp "Elevate" 2008

Summer Camp "Great Xscape" 2009

This next year will be interesting. My girls are just getting their drivers license. I have to admit I am pretty excited (and freaked out!)...now I won't have to drive all over the place picking them up. Now I can just pick up the phone and tell them where to meet me. Oh yes, that'll be nice!! :)

Slumber party 2009

Winter Camp "Elevate" 2008

I am looking forward to these next two years. It will be so neat to see them grow and who they become in the Lord. I've already seen them grow, struggle, and cling to Him. I have to say that its been a true blessing to befriend them and help lead them.

Here's to the next two years!! :)


Alysha said...

aww this is sooo great! I love this post! :)

Sarah loves it all said...

You sound like such a great little mama!