Thursday, June 10, 2010

Completely Random, but Did You Really Expect Anything Else?

My allergies have kicked in, the sun seemed like it was here to stay...and this is where my dreams of a bright and sunny June have been crushed! It has been raining for days. Days! Every now and then the sun has come out to taunt me. What have I ever done to the sun, but love it? Nothing I tell you. I am not sure how to get back into its good graces, but I am searching for ways.

Oh, and who in their right mind turns on the air conditioner when its pouring rain outside?? The people I work for, that's who. Sometimes I wonder if they have lost their minds. I know that they are all originally from Oregon, but seriously?? I have had to resort to dressing for the office a/c and not for the actual weather outside. What exactly does that mean? Let me 'splain it to ya.

When I wake up in the morning, I look out the window. I then gage what I think the weather is going to be like for the day. If its dreary like it has been lately then I know its fairly safe to wear short sleeves to work and bring a sweater with me. When I look out the window and see my favorite sun shining in all its yellowy-orange beauty, I know the day is going to require me to wear long sleeves and a jacket. Yes, I said jacket. Does this seem wrong to anyone else? Who has to plan on wearing a jacket to work in June?!

I am having another slumber party tomorrow for my junior girls. Oh yesssss. It should be pretty fun. We are making it a game night, making s'mores and BBQ'ing hot dogs (unless it rains...again. I don't have a plan B. The weather will just have to cooperate). I am looking forward to it. This is the kick off for us for the "summer" (and I use that term VERY loosely). Its the first event we have planned since the two small groups combined (just for the summer). I will have to let you know how it all turns out!! :)

Oh, and I am also going to try to convince the hubs that we need to see The A Team. hehe! I loved the show (my Jr. girls are having a hard time believing that I was a tomboy when I was little...true story). I'll let you know how that ends up working out too! :)

I hope that you all are getting lots of sunshine. :D Any fun plans for this weekend?


Colleen said...

I spent the first 24 years of my life on the central coast of Cali, then a year in Portland, and now I'm back home in CA. I totally understand the weather confusion!

P.S. There's an award for you on my blog. :)

Lucky Jones said...

You must be in the PNW? I live in Portland, I can totally relate!

Following you from Follow Fun Friday! I'd love it if you followed me too!


Amy :) said...

Poor Natalie...I remember that! IT was what I could NOT handle about Oregon...I need my sunshine. I hope it comes out for you soon!

Traci66 said...

I am now following you back via Fun Follow Friday. Better late than never right. I spend alot of time at camp on the weekends and my internet on my laptop just isn't the same as my home PC so I am just now getting back to people that follow me from Fun Friday Follow. Also I want to invite you or any other bloggers looking for new followers and blogs to following to join my sister and I on Thursday for Keepin' Company Thursday at or my sis

Anonymous said...

It's been hot here, like ninety degree humid and hot. Until yesterday it hadn't rained at all...It looks like this is going to be a tough, tough summer.

I'm definitely missing something about jr. girls...and will have to search your blog to see what I can find. I feel like I tuned in to the middle of season two without having seen season one...