Monday, June 07, 2010

Run a Mile in My Shoes...or 26.2...

Do you ever feel uninspired? You want to write, but everything you come up with just sounds thrown together? That's how I've been feeling lately. Maybe its the weather. Saturday was our first sunny day (and warm) all year. Sunday was back to rain, but today its sunny and cloudy. I am just ready for summer to start.

Oh, have I mentioned that I am also considering training for a marathon. I figure if the contestants of the biggest loser can do it, then darn it, so can I. :) Well, that's the first time I have "said" that out loud. I mostly have been thinking about it. I went for a run last week. In the rain. Yup, that's how I roll. I typically run after having a really bad day. I had been wanting to run for a while now, but was waiting for the weather to get better. Then I had my little light bulb moment (these things take time when you are blonde at heart, well, its true) and realized that if I wait for the weather then I am NEVER going to run again. So, I grabbed my ipod, threw on my pink "its not easy being a princess" shirt, my pink hat, black pants, and pink windbreaker and went running.

I have this mapped out "route" that I like to run. I finally drove it because I have been wondering how far it is that I run. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I run 1.8 miles! I was pretty excited. :) Now I know where the exact spot is when I hit 2.0 miles. I am going to start aiming for that from now on. I usually run and then when I am getting tired and the idea to stop and walk (which I just DON'T do) pops into my head I tell myself, "keep running until you get to (insert whatever landmark)" and then I get there and change it to something else. :) My daddy always told me that its bad to run, walking, and then start running again. He said it makes it a lot harder on yourself (my daddy, btw, is a runner. He used to do marathons and all sorts of other track stuff in high school, college, and after college. He's my "go to" running guy). :) So, this is the reason that I push myself and refuse to stop and walk.

I have thought about running a marathon for a couple of years now, but I didn't want to run one alone and I wasn't sure that I could commit the time needed to get ready for one. My girlfriend, Jackie, is running one in October. It made me start thinking about running one again. We'll see if this all pans out. At very least I will be running a lot, which isn't a bad workout. :)

What about you? Have you ever thought about running a marathon or have any other things that you think about doing, but haven't tried yet?

P.S. okay so after typing up this post, I finally got the courage to speak with Jackie. She is excited and wants me to run it with her. Problem? Only one. Said marathon is on the hubby's birthday. So, waiting to find out if its alright with him (birthdays are important! :) ). I will keep you all posted. :)


Anonymous said...

I am so not a runner.

HattonHome said...

Natalie ~ Where have I been? How did I miss this? Are you still running? Have you made a decision about the mentioned marathon? I am so not a runner, but am proud of you for going for it!

HattonHome said...
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Natalie said...

Well, I was running, but then my knees started bothering me. I am still hoping to do it, but not sure. I am trying to give my knee more time to recover. Who knew dislocating your knee could cause so many issues?!