Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Encouragement & Growth

Summer camp is just days away. I am really excited and so busy. I have lots to do before we leave. I cannot just  go to camp. I have to make bags for my girls. Its tradition and something that I simply must do. I like to give them pens, candy (its like a huge slumber party...whats a party without candy?), paper/notebooks, and cards to encourage one another.

 I am big on encouragement. Its something my girls have come to know about me and something they deal with. ;) They know when we go to camps they get to write each other letters. At first it was like pulling teeth. I couldn't figure out why they were having such a hard time telling their friends nice things.

When they first were put into my small group I noticed that they are so sarcastic (I am too, so totally not knocking sarcasm...all the way) with each other. They didn't realize when someone wasn't joking around any more. We had lots of talks about it and I think they all came to the same point at different times that its okay so say nice things and be real with each other. Now they tell me they look forward to that part of camps.

I love watching them grow! Not just with how they interact with friends, but their relationship with the Lord. In the past four months I have seen some of them grow leaps and bounds. Its really amazing. They aren't the same girls. Its such a blessing to see how God is working in them and changing them. The change on the inside is so evident on the outside. I know its not really anything that I have done that has brought them to this place, but that they are allowing God to take over. It really is an honor to be a part of.

They always tell me that I am like their big sister (thank goodness! Once I thought one of them was going to say mom...I was about ready to cry! lol). I feel the same way about them. :) They are fun to hang out with. I love listening to them share whats on their hearts. :)

Summer camp is a great time for bonding and growing. I am so proud of them and who they are becoming. I can't wait to see how this camp is going to further the changes that have already begun. :)


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HattonHome said...

It's so great to hear about your girls growing so much... looking forward to the "after camp" update :)