Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bieber Fever...

Justin Bieber that is. Don't worry. I don't have it. I like some of his songs, but that's about it.

I may not have it, but my 9 year old niece certainly does! Its so funny watching her as she talks about him (like she knows him...its okay. I do the same thing about my girlfriends-Nicole {Kidman}, Jen {Garner}, & Reese {Witherspoon}. Well, in my mind we're friends. hehe!). She gets so excited!! Plus, she thinks he's super cute! He's 16, but really he looks about 10.

While we were on vacation her grandma (my mom in law) bought her a couple of the teen beat magazines. The sad thing is that I knew who all the singers and actors were! lol Although, that made it fun. She and I got to chat about which singers we liked, who was cute, what actors were our favorites. What can I say? I may be 28, but I still love all the Disney channel movies. They make me smile! :)

Aside from the magazines (that came filled with posters...that she carefully pulled out) she also got the cutest t-shirt with him on it. I guess she has moved on from Zac Efron. So long High School Musical and hello Biebs!

Any way, its really weird thinking about her liking boys...and boys liking her. Oh yes! Its true! She's a cutie to be sure, but I wanted to throttle two boys as they were checking her out while we were camping. Luckily she didn't think they were cute. Good girl. Boys are yucky...until you are 20! :)