Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh, Puppy!

Last night I went with my mom (in law) to Washington (about a three hour drive from where we live) to pick up her new puppy! She has been wanting a Pomeranian for a while now. Dad finally relented and bought her one! I didn't want her driving six hours by herself, so I told her that I would go with her on this little road trip. Six hours and a bathroom stop later and mom the proud owner of a little ten week old puppy.


She is so sweet and just adorable. Mom fell in love right away! I do have to say that she was not happy about being in her carrier for that long. I have learned that her cries sound like a cat. Yes, this will just further confuse my nephew. When he saw the picture of her before we left he looked at it and started to meow. Poor kid. It was pretty cute though. :)


The Two Savvy Sisters
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