Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome Wednesday and fans??

If you are stopping by from Welcome Wednesday....Welcome!! I am so glad you are here!! :)
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Back to your regularly scheduled post....

I'm not sure about you, but I can't stand having a fan blow on me when I am trying to sleep. I wake up smacking myself in the face thinking that there are spiders or bugs on me. 

Last night was warm (for Oregon). The hubs dragged in our fan (this big floor fan that makes tons of noise!) and had it aimed at the bed. I walked into our room and eyed that monstrosity of  a fan, but tried to ignore it (we have a love/hate relationship). I hop into bed and as soon as my  head hits the pillow I feel the fan blowing my hair around.

I hopped out of bed (in the dark) and repositioned the fan. Climbed back into bed...still had the air blowing on my face. I am telling you, I probably hopped out of bed three or four times repositioning that stupid thing. While I was doing that Jim was just laughing at me. He kept telling me to just turn the fan off if it was bugging me that much, but I knew he wanted it on. 

I finally found a good spot for it and what does he do??? He got out of bed and turned it off!!! All that work for nothing! Sigh...its okay though. We both got hot in the middle of the night/morning and he got up and turned it back on...good thing I found the perfect spot for it,  huh? ;)

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