Friday, October 08, 2010


I love to fly. I hate the take off and the landing (I pray the entire time and text Jim last "I love you's" before we take off), but overall, I think flying is pretty great. It takes less time, its less stressful, and just more convenient.

I'm not sure about you, but I think there is an unwritten rule when it comes to exiting the airplane.
The way that I understand it is that you wait for both sides of the aisle of the row in front of you leave prior to you leaving (unless, of course, they flag you on through). Wouldn't you say that is typically how it works?
Not on my way to California over the weekend.

I had my bag (yes! I packed for an entire weekend in 1 carry-on! This has never happened before) ready to go, I kept an eye on the rows in front of me, and was patiently waiting my turn. Then, do you know what happened?! The guy in the row behind me cuts in front of my entire row and makes a mad dash out of the airplane.

I was so shocked. I am very much a rule follower-both written and unwritten. I couldn't believe he did that. Then I realized he started a free for all. Another guy was going to do the exact same thing! Did I sit around and wait until someone let me through? No way! I jumped up in front of the rule breaker and headed out of the airplane. This also created the break that the rest of my row-mates needed so that, they too, could get off the plane.

On the flight back home, I was far more wary of my fellow fliers. I was on my game and my whole row got to leave when we were supposed to. :)

Are there other unwritten rules bug you when people break them?  
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