Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tiled Letters

I love playing games. I love board games, card games, and online games (yes, I admit it. I used to play World of Warcraft). One game that I particularly like to play is Scrabble. I think its a lot of fun. Its not just about the words to me, but the placement of the tiles. Some squares don't give you anything extra, while others give you double or triple points.

I got my husband to play me-once. It was when we were first married. Now you have to understand, my hubby is very smart and he is also and English major...so words are his thing. He totally thought he had the game in the bag...I wiped the floor with him. Since then he has refused to play with me.

Until now.

We play Words with Friends on the Ipod touch and its a ton of fun (basically its scrabble for free). I love it because I get to play with all of my friends no matter where they live. I admit that I really like to win. I guess its that whole "competitive" thing coming back to rear its cute little head at me, but one thing I NEVER do is cheat. If I can't win fair and square then I will just suck it up and lose (not very happily, but lose none the less).

So, we've been playing this game back and forth. I have won most of them (go me!) and then the other day he beat me. I think I took it pretty well, until I found out that he cheated!! Apparently there is an online program that you can use. You tell it what letters you have and the tile you are trying to use on the board and it will come up with every possible word that you can make with them. He keeps telling me its not cheating, since its available for me to use as well, and that its part of the game, but I disagree.

Now, anytime someone comes up with a word that I know they would never use or know, I am constantly wondering if they are using that program as well. I still won't use it because I still feel like its cheating and if I can't win without it, then I don't deserve to win at all.

The plus side to all of this is that he didn't beat me by very much, so I guess that means that I did pretty well!


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