Monday, October 04, 2010

Misc. Monday

Good Monday morning!! :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1) Flying
There is an unspoken "airplane exiting" etiquette that most everyone disregarded on my flight to California this weekend...more to come soon!~ :)

2) Books
Bookstores are a little piece of heaven on earth, but getting home at midnight after flying home and hitting a bookstore (Powell's in Portland-love that place) was probably NOT my brightest moment. I am exhausted today, but on a good note-I got four books last night! :)

3) Baby showers
Baby showers are great! They are super cute and so much fun. I love feeling all the super soft blankets, seeing tiny booties, and seeing cute clothes. What's even better is surprising your girl friend by being there! Priceless (pics to come)

4) Birthdays
The Hub's birthday is this coming Sunday and we are going diving!! Really this time. :) I am excited. Birthdays are my absolute favorite things, but especially his. :) I love you sweetheart! :)

5) Kids
I got to see my girlfriend's kids while I was in California. I am really close with them and always have so much fun. When I got off my flight home, I had the saddest and cutest voicemail from my girlfriend's middle child (I am closest to her). She was crying and telling me that she missed me already and thank you for her birthday present (her birthday is tomorrow-Happy birthday Mara!!!). I love that girl! She broke my heart, but its nice to be missed and loved like that! :)

The giveaway winner will be announce tonight! :)