Friday, October 01, 2010

Oh My Music!

At the beginning of September I was a guest blogger over at The Life of Ann James. I had a lot of fun writing that post, but I also realize that not everyone got a chance to jump on over, so I am posting it here because I keep getting ready to write a post that makes references to this here we go! :)


Sometimes all I can do is shake my head at the ridiculous things that I do. And believe me there are a ton of them. My husband keeps a list. Seriously. He says this way if there is ever a lull in a conversation all he has to do is whip out a story of something I did from that list and it will get the conversation rolling...and everyone laughing. At me. Its okay though, really. I am used to it. I think its sad though, when I realize I am doing something that should be so simple and my first thought is, "I am so glad my husband isn't here right now. I would SO get made fun of."

But, its true. Here's what happened...

My car has a 6 disc CD changer (love it!) and I rarely have less that 5 discs in at a time. I end up taking out all 6 CDs because I was going to be driving the hubs truck and want all my favorite CDs with me. After switching back, I was on my way home and was tired of listening to the radio. I decide to pop a CD into my poor, empty CD player. I stick it into the slot. It won't take it. I hit the "CD" button a couple of times and try again. Still nothing. I start hitting the channel buttons, but it still won't take it. All I'm doing is changing the radio station. At this point I'm starting to get frustrated and a little panicked. My radio seems to be working just fine, but I fear for the life of my CD player. I try hitting the "CD" button harder (it helps right?). Nada. I try hitting the "eject" button (I am desperate and seriously, in a twisted sort of way, thought that it would work). Nope not a thing. In my head I know that I have done this before and should be able to figure it out now. As I search for another button to try, because at this point I don't want to listen to the radio only my CDs, I look down and see the "load" button. My mouth drops open and I start to laugh. I call my self all kinds of stupid and finally pop my CD in there. 

How was I supposed to know there was a "load" button? Just because I've been driving this car for 5 years...ahem. Yeah, seriously.

So, basically I learned three things:

1- I am clearly unobservant, which might be an understatement.

2- Hitting the "eject" button when trying to put something in really doesn't do you a bit of good.

3- If I hadn't already given my blog its title, it would definitely be time to change it to "Blonde at Heart".