Thursday, September 30, 2010

Summer to Fall

Have you ever noticed that the weather typically works against you? It has been raining here for the last week and has been cooling off. I start thinking now would be a good time to make the swap from summer clothes to fall/winter clothes. As soon as the hubs pulls out my tub-o-clothing, what happens? Yeah, the sun pops right on out and temps start to rise and I can hear the sun taunting me and yelling, "sucker!!"

So, now I have my super cute boots and a couple of new warm sweaters that I can wear along with a tub-o-clothing still waiting for their turn in my closet with no where to go. Now I am trying to decide do I 1-go ahead and make the swap and just be overly warm for a couple of weeks or 2-keep the summer clothes out and just know that when I make that decision that the weather is going to change...again.

When do you swap your summer/winter wardrobe?

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