Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Shopping!

Does black Friday count as a holiday? If not, it definitely should. I am writing this as I am waiting at the airport because I know that today (oh glorious Friday!!) I am out shopping and dragging my mom with me.

Since I haven't been home for a holiday in 5 years, we clearly haven't been able to go shopping, on this day of all days, in quite a long time. I am super excited, but I know just thinking about it completely exhausts my mom. She's a trouper and can hang with the best of them (even if that means me dragging her by her hand from store to store).

I consider any and all shopping I do throughout the year just training (like for a marathon) for this day. I typically will get all of my Christmas shopping finished by the end of today. Its always my goal...and I rarely fail at this goal in particular.

Are you crazy/brave enough to hit the stores this morning? What store is a must for you? Do you go for anything in particular or just whatever grabs your eye?

If you are out shopping today like me remember, be careful. Some of us are ruthless (not me, of course). Oh, and as my mom told me a long time ago when we went to Disneyland (and it totally applies here), "God gave you pointy elbows, so make sure you use them!" :)

Happy Shopping!!!