Friday, December 10, 2010

Gifts and Lists

Do you ever make a list (I love lists!) on paper or in your head of what you want to get done over the weekend? I have a long list of stuff to get accomplished. Its going to be super fun...or not, but regardless I will get stuff done. :)

 Two things that I need to do that I am not looking forward to are doing laundry and wrapping presents. If everything fit in a gift bag I would be one happy girl. Its not that I can't wrap, its more that I can wrap, but it never looks very nice. A lot of the time we let my husband "wrap," which just means that we tie up the bag from the store the gift was purchased at and call it good. Seriously. 

I, personally, am a HUGE fan of this because it means I don't have to fight with the wrapping paper or tape (I tend to use a lot of both). It also means that I don't have to buy something that is a square. Yes, I try to buy items that I can wrap easily. Does this make me a bad gift giver? I don't think so. It just makes me a cautious gift buyer. :)

What are somethings that you don't enjoy or look forward to doing on your weekends?

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