Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Going Coastal

Last night while I was wrapping Christmas presents (hooray for me!) my hubby was checking his work schedule and realized that we both had next weekend off. He turned to me and said, "since we are both off next weekend we should go to the beach." I am not sure if you know this about me, but I don't hide my emotions or what I am thinking very well (my face gives it ALL away), I gave him this leery look and asked "why?" My first thought was its winter and the coast is always cold. I could just imagine how much colder it would be, especially in December. 

He then proceeded to explain that he knows he probably wouldn't be able to get me to scuba dive because it would be cold (he got that part right! :) ). In the next breath he tells me that we could go swimming. Yes, SWIMMING! In the ocean, in the middle of December!! Seriously?! I looked at him and clearly said, " I am not going swimming." If he wants to freeze his fingers and toes off that's fine, but I prefer to stay warm and dry. :)

So, its pretty much decided that we are going to the coast next weekend for the day. The hubs will be swimming and I will be bundled up somewhere...not swimming. :) 

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