Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashion in the Office

Friday Fashion...a glimpse into my wardrobe...

For my birthday I went and did a good amount of shopping (insert me singing "happy birthday" to myself as I am writing all of this) and boy, did I have fun! I have lots to show you, but not all at once. I would hate for anyone to have a fashion/clothing overload! :) So, I will just share with you something new and something...not quite as new, since I am not into all.  :)

I fell in love with this top as soon as I saw it! I just love all the detail that the pearls add to the bow. It makes the shirt feel extra girlie and I felt extra girlie wearing it (I know, like I really needed the help in that area!). :)

I love wearing hats! I am lucky because I can wear them to work (along with denim) if I choose to...and I typically do! :) Our office is pretty casual, especially in the summer. My desk is right below a vent, so I like to layer my clothing so that I am not freezing or too hot.

On a completely different and totally unrelated note, I was surprised (last night) to find out that I am one of the featured bloggers on Thanks, Mail Carrier's Friendly Friday blog hop (two different links for ya)! If you haven't ever tried a blog hop, you should definitely check them out and why not start with this one? If you are visiting from the blog hop, thanks so much for stopping by!!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!!

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