Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ah, Paris

If you had to pick three things that I really love (things, not people) anyone who knows me would tell you pink, sparkles, and Paris. My life long dream has (since I was little) always been to go to Paris one day. The hubs and I looked at going for our honeymoon, but it was going to cost too much. So, we went to New York instead (if you've never been...its AWESOME!). Then our plan changed and we decided for our 5th anniversary we would go then. Two years have come and gone since then, and still no Paris.

Sunday we went out to lunch after getting dressed up (totally normal) with our friends Jackie and Travis. We had a great time, like we normally do. At the end of lunch I was given a card. Now, you know that my birthday has come and gone, so I was a little confused. When I opened up the card the inside said, "Life's too the shoes!" (totally my kind of card, right?!)...well, that's what it originally said. Here's what it actually said, "Life's too the shoes go to Paris!"

My first reaction was, "huh?" so I continued to read the card. When I got to the bottom it was telling me that the four of us were going to Paris! Say, what?! I kept saying, "Your joking. What? Is this real?" I have to admit to being in complete shock. It was totally out of left field! After being informed that it was not an early April Fool's joke, but that I was actually going to go to Paris...I was fighting tears. I hate to cry, especially in public (which is hilarious because I cry all the time!).

 I had no idea how to react or respond. It was too crazy to even wrap my mind around. The one thing you've wanted your whole life (besides the hubby, of course) and it was actually going to happen!


I still can't believe it! I have to say it out loud throughout the day because it just doesn't seem real. Apparently, the three of them  have been planning this for a year. A YEAR! I can't keep a secret that long...or at all (I admit it! I am a horrible secret keeper, especially when its amazing news!).

So, I, Natalie, am going to Paris in January (seems like forever, but it will fly by I'm sure)!! I get choked up just thinking about it. Its been a very emotional week for me! I was/am so excited that I just had to share it with you!

To say that I am excited is an understatement. To say that I am completely and utterly blessed to have such an amazing hubby and two equally amazing friends (that I am ecstatic to share this experience with) is, seriously, just barely scratching the surface.

I will keep you in the loop as I plan for the trip, but I would also love any tips, suggestions, or ideas of where to go and, ahem, what to wear (this is me we are talking about here!). :)