Thursday, February 10, 2011

Great Day

This is one of the dresses that I bought after my birthday. This is also what I wore on Sunday. It was a bit low cut for church (well, for me anywhere), so I added a cami underneath for a pop of color and a higher neck line (what can I say?? I don't like low cut things.) This might be my new favorite dress if for no other reason than this is what I wore when I found out that I was going to Paris! On a side note, I was referred to as a "Barbie" (meant as a compliment) and got put in the same fashion category as someone that I think dresses amazingly! Basically, Sunday was an awesome day! :)

New background for my pictures, huh? This is my Sunday school class room where I get the privilege to teach some really awesome four and five year olds. I had a great photographer who also happens to be turning 17 tomorrow! Happy early birthday, Kristin! :) I love working with her in our class. She is one amazing girl!

Shoes: Kohl's $21.99

These are also my amazing blue heels that I love! The color matches my coat from Old Navy (doesn't get much better than that!). I typically have black dress shoes. I have always wanted pretty colored shoes. I still would love to have red shoes (who wouldn't?!), but when I saw these little babies in the clearance section at, ahem, Kohl's (really, where else?!) I knew they were meant just for me! Granted, I probably shouldn't have worn them with tights, but its cold here and my legs are an unnatural shade of pasty white that no tanning booth can fix! :)

What item do you wish was part of your wardrobe?

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