Friday, February 11, 2011

Not What I Thought

*disclaimer...this post is not about getting you to selling Mary Kay or trying to get you to buy Mary Kay*

As you know (or might be able to figure out since I have a button on the side of my page) I sell Mary Kay. I love the products, but I have always held out for non-Mary Kay brands of mascara. Since I sell MK and someone asked me about the mascara I thought I should at least try it out.

Now, if I wore anything other than waterproof mascara (which I don't) then I know I would have loved it. It feels very soft and light and it doesn't flake off, but I also couldn't get it off either (it turned all gummy) . I used my eye makeup remover, but the only things it removed were my poor (and now) traumatized eyelashes!

I finally gave up and reverted back to my old mascara or so I thought.. I went to Walmart to pick up a new tube. Now, I normally wear Mabelline waterproof mascara. I have used it for years and like it for the most part. They recently changed the packaging and it always throws me off when I go looking for it. This time I could not find my mascara. I found some that were regular, but none that were waterproof. After scouring all the packages I finally found it. I thought it looked different, but didn't really think much about it (this seems to be a trend with me).

The next day while driving (I admit it! I do my makeup while driving. I'm a horrible, horrible person!) I was putting on the mascara and the brush was a lot bigger that it used to be. I ended up getting mascara all over my eyelid (hey, I never claimed to be graceful in any aspect of my life :) ). Since this had never happened before I was a little confused how my mascara could have changed so drastically compared to my old one.

 It took me about a week (I'm slow, what can I say) before I realized I grabbed a Loreal  mascara instead of Mabelline! Ugh! The part that cracks me up is that I know I never would have switched, but I am so glad that I did because I love the new mascara so much better! :)

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