Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Warm for Winter

Remember how I ruined (by shrinking) my coat? Well, I have replaced it! Just in time too!! Its been rainy and getting colder here, especially in the evenings. I went to Old Navy because they are having a sale on their coats. Most of them are $30! What a deal...except the jacket I got (and the one that looked the best on me) ended up being $60. Considering the coat is normally $120 means that I did pretty good. Not as good as I am sure I could do, but you can't win them all, ya know?

Anyways, this coat is actually the one I saw and tried on when they first got their coats in this year. I love the color and the style. The picture looks kind of purple, but its actually blue...and a VERY pretty blue at that! I really love it. The hubs really didn't care. Its a coat. Which actually worked out for me since I gave him veto power (being the husband and all) to say that I needed to return it because of the price. I don't typically go out and just spend $60.

Since he didn't care one way or the other, I get to keep it!! :) Hooray! I am really excited! I am totally in love with it!!

What type of coat is your favorite? Do you have one yet for the fall/winter yet?

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