Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How Cute are They?!

I have one niece and four nephews and they are all adorable in completely different ways. I don't live near them all (which makes me sad), so I live for pics of them. Here are the pics of them from Halloween! Aren't they just the cutest things ever?! (hehe! I know I am just a tad biased, but what can I say? Its my duty as an aunt!).

Here are the oldest of the five kids. Every year they have great costumes and I am always looking forward to finding out what they will be next. They go to private school and in order to dress up for Halloween at school they had to be something out of the bible. I think they chose well. :)
Mary & Joseph

Next is the baby of the bunch. My newest little nephew. He doesn't even have to open his eyes and he's adorable! :)
Little Lion Brycen (baby roar)

Next is baby's big brother. He and I had a blast going trick or treating downtown. We kept getting stopped so people could tell me how cute he was. Naturally, I agreed, but it was nice that other people thought so as well. He was such a big boy and walked just about the entire time and he didn't complain. In fact, I had one mom tell her older kid to take a look at my nephew and said "see he's not whining and he's little." I was super proud of him. My little trooper. :)
Little Logan Tiger (big roar)

This little (well, not as little as I like to think he is) guy is the nephew I get to spend 5 days with here in just a couple of weeks! He cracks me up. Maybe its because we have the same birthday, I don't know, but he can by my knight in shining armor anytime! :)
Little Knight in shining armor

What were the kids in your life for Halloween this year? What was your favorite costume out of all the little trick or treaters that came to your door?

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