Thursday, November 04, 2010

Music to my Ears

I love Christmas! I know its only the first couple of days into November, but its killing me already. See, at my work I am not allowed to do anything "Christmassy" until after Thanksgiving. Its my boss' rule for me in particular. That means no Christmas music, no Christmas lights (yes, I decorate my desk with lights), and no little ornaments. I would start all of that now if she would let me.

I typically will start listening to Christmas music in my car within the next week or so. This year, especially, it will be difficult to hold off any longer than that because yesterday my hubby (wonderful hubby!!) bought me Mariah Carey's new Christmas cd! She is one of my all time favorite artists (I don't really know why, but she is). Her first Christmas cd is my favorite to listen to all the way up until Christmas (poor hubby). When he gave me the new cd he did have a stipulation. He gets three free passes of not having to listen to the cd. Sigh. I guess I can live with that! :)

Christmas is my favorite time of year. It makes me happy. I love everything that it is supposed to represent. I especially love it in Oregon because the weather is colder, there is a chance of snow, and you can wear a jacket without overheating. I love watching "White Christmas," "Elf," and many more of the Christmas greats. I love the togetherness that it brings and the focus it brings back onto Jesus. I love singing with Christmas music. Its one of the ways I love to worship. For me, it tears down walls and allows me to get down to the heart of it all. After all, he is the reason we celebrate (hahaha!! You thought I was going to say "reason for the season" didn't you?!).

What are some of the things you love going into the holiday season? What are you favorite things about Christmas?

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