Friday, November 05, 2010

Going to the Chapel

We are off to a wedding. This isn't just any wedding for us though (yes, all weddings are special and unique). This one is especially special (can I put those two words next to each other??) because my hubby is the one performing the ceremony! Whoa, you may say. When did your shoe selling, shoe buying, and computer fixin' hubby get ordained? About a month ago. Where at? Online. Where else?! lol Let me explain...

No, he didn't go to seminary or anything like that and no he isn't actually a pastor. He got ordained online for our friend's wedding. About two months ago my hubby got a facebook message from our friend. Their pastor moved across the country even though their wedding was quickly approaching. They were totally bummed. They wanted someone who knew them both, was a Christian (yes, I should have listed this first), and I guess they wanted someone funny. These are theater people and they are awesome. I guess they sat down and were talking about who could possibly marry them and they both thought of my hubby because they think he's hilarious (I do too, but I am also a tad biased). They asked him if he would be willing to marry them and he asked me what I thought...and after laughing for a long time I told him I thought he should do it! So here we are. My hubby is an ordained "minister" and he is performing his first (and probably last) wedding.

The best part is that the place he got ordained from sent him this packet with all of this ridiculous stuff like a pastor's badge, a parking placard with a bar-code, and I kid you not-a press pass. For what? No clue, but as he is pulling all of this stuff out of the package we were dying from laughing so hard. On top of that they sent him a bumper sticker with just about every religious symbol you could think of. It was insane. 

So, for one night I will be married to a minister. I will watch him marry our friends...and try not to die from laughter! :)


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