Tuesday, November 09, 2010

BC's and Swimming Pools

My new BC is here (buoyancy compensator...that vesty thing that makes you go up and down in the water)!! I'm official! I have my very first piece of "not the basic gear" for all of my diving excursions. I honestly think the hubs is far more excited about it than I am.We bid on it via Ebay. We actually watched it for a couple of auctions. The same person posted this BC up for two previous auctions and no one bid on it. He kept lowering it until it was a price we were willing to bid (these things are insanely expensive. To give you an idea...my "dream" BC is $650-and sadly that's not a bad price!).

My BC isn't pink. We saw one that was and it was super cute, but it also went for at least $300 (when we stopped watching it on Ebay). This one is black and has blue little swirlies and a cute blue little sea horse on it. I have decided that I might add some sparkles to it. I want to put rhinestones on the straps to make it a little bit more "me". I did ask Jim if sharks, like some other fish, are attracted to things that sparkle. He says they aren't! :) I guess the only thing I need to find out is how well they would hold up under water. If I find out that they will do well, then I'll do it! :)

Tonight we are going to the pool (this is the part I am excited about! :) ) to test out my BC to make sure its working properly before we go out into lakes and the ocean. Something about "safety" and my hubby wanting to "keep me around for a while." He's so sweet! :)

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