Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Easy Mac Ain't So Easy-Memories

I am not sure if I have ever shared this story or not, but since I seem to have had a lack in idiotic stunts as of late (just give me a little bit of time) I thought I would skip on down memory lane. This all came back to me as I was reading a new (to me) blog, that I found via Little Miss Momma, called  The Daybook (so check both of them out if you haven't yet! They are both amazing! :) ).

So, this happened four years ago. I had been at my (current) job for about a week or two. I went to the break room prepared my easy mac, popped it into the microwave and started chatting with co-workers while waiting the 3 1/2 minutes it takes to cook. After a while we start smelling something burning and then realize that there was smoke billowing out of the microwave!

All at once I realized what I did before I ever made it to the microwave and yelled, "I forgot to add water!!" I ran over and yanked the, little charred and deformed, bowl out of the microwave. I kept apologizing and was fighting tears all the while trying to clean up the disaster of a mess, but the black was actually burned onto all the sides and the glass as well.

I left the office to grab lunch and call the hubs and, while sobbing, explained what had happened. I apologized for going out to lunch even though I had just killed my lunch. He tried not to laugh because he knew how upset I was. He didn't do a very good job. :)

When I got back to work the whole upstairs smelled of burnt easy mac (the vent from the break room goes straight upstairs...hooray for us.). I felt awful for everyone having to smell it all day. And the next day. And the next. They were all gracious and just kept making sure I was okay.

What was even worse was the next day I came in and there was a new microwave. I literally killed it and it couldn't be used any  more. I was horrified! I went to my boss and offered to pay for it, since it was my fault, but she told me that it was "old and needed to be replaced anyways." I found out a couple of years later that she made that up and I really did kill it.

Now anytime I make easy mac, people always remind me to add water. Apparently, easy make isn't so easy.

Have you ever done anything like that?

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