Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Its Time!

We will be leaving tonight and heading down to California for a wedding this weekend. Loooong car ride that I am not looking forward to {drive time wise}, but I am looking forward to one-on-one time with the hubs. Car rides are when we have our best conversations. I love it. I love learning more about my wonderful man and having uninterrupted time together. :)

I already showed you what I will be wearing to the wedding, but I haven't shown you what I am pretty sure I will be wearing to the rehearsal dinner. I found this dress at {wait for it...} Kohl's on clearance for $15. I feel cute and comfy in it {not like a pj's type of comfy, but a "hey this dress is nice because its not cutting off my air supply" kind of dress, ya know?}. I wasn't 100% sure at first about this dress because of the pattern. I admit it, I am pattern {unless its argyle} phobic. I just have no clue what to do with them.

 isn't the detail around the neck super cute?

Shoes are from Kohl's from last year {I have them in white too...hehehe!}

So, this is my outfit that I am planning on wearing for the rehearsal. What do ya think?

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