Friday, March 18, 2011

Cutting It Close!

It's finally happened my friends!! I know you have been dying to hear...I found the shoes for the dress I am wearing to our friend's wedding!! Whew!

For those who might not know {or for those who don't remember and think that I am completely crazy...or didn't feel like clicking the little link above} I shall explain. :)

In January I went on a little shopping trip for my birthday. I found this little beauty:

I have since then been looking for the right pair of shoes. Sadly, it took until yesterday to find them. I have bought shoes, gotten home, and then had to turn around and return them {a few times it broke my heart not to have a legitimate reason to keep the cute shoes!} because it was the wrong shade of tan. 

Well, that was the problem, I suppose. Here I was looking for nude shoes first, but that was too dark. Then I tried tan. Same problem. I tried lighter shades of tan, when really what I needed was a "cream" that was almost white...but not white. 

Finally, yesterday on my lunch break, I ran over to Payless {after sending the hubs with a bag and a pair of shoes to return when he went into work at Kohl's earlier this week}. And lo and behold, there they were!

Now, they aren't the absolute cutest pair of shoes that I have ever laid eyes on, but I don't think they're ugly either. The best part is that they are the right color! I was so excited when I pulled out my dress and held the shoes up to it and saw that they matched, that I did a little dance! Oh yes! 

You see, I found them just in time too! We leave next week for California {a lovely 12 hour car drive...We love you Brian & Shannon!} and I don't have any days free to find shoes! Luckily, I spent my lunch hour very wisely!

So, what do you think??

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