Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Awkward & Awesome!

Welcome to another round of...

with the lovely and totally awesomeSydney, from The Daybook!


~Telling your co-worker that she has a "peach" of a person on the phone {code for not a pleasant person} only to find out that it was her sister.Ouch...whose hubby is not doing well and is in the hospital. Double Ouch. :(    I.Felt.Horrible. I'm a bad, bad person.

~Tripping UP the stairs at work and falling. Nobody saw, but everyone heard.

~Showing up to a meeting a week early, but still managing to be late

~Almost barking at yourself {yes, barking...full disclosure here folks!} when walking into the house because you miss being greeted by the dog...and then telling someone what you almost did.

~Trying a sugar free coffee because it sounded like a good idea, only to realize after the first drink that its disgusting, and not being able to spit it out for lack of a place to spit. Won't be making that mistake again!!

~Being so hyped up on caffeine, after going two weeks without any, that you forget to breathe while talking a million miles a minutes and then giggle like crazy even though nothing is funny...all the while your hubby is staring at you, along with a couple of his co-workers, like there is something seriously wrong with you {and then laughs because he realizes you ARE crazy! j/k...kind of}

~Misreading a status on facebook and commenting on said status and then rereading
same status and putting palm to your forehead...doh! 

Here is our conversation:

her-"Porshy7 words with friends!"
me-"I love words with friends! What's your username??"
her-"Natalie is that a real question..."
me-"umm...well it was...until I re-read what you actually posted. I read it as Porshy {seven points} words with friends, but uh... :D hehe. I got it now...just ignore me :) ♥"


~Frozen yogurt dates with my high school girls
~ Date night with the hubs and our two year old nephew <3
~My sunroof + sunshine {even for the shortest period of time}
~New shoes...what do you think??
~Movie dates
~My Giveaway!! Be sure to check it out!! :)

I hope your week is going great!

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