Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Strike a Pose

{A little forewarning-I had a hard time narrowing down the pics, so please bear with me.}

Last week at youth group we had Ean Perkins Photography stop on by and take pics of the students. He was kind enough to let me post them on my blog {thank, Ean!}. He did a great job and the students had a blast! It was a great night with a lot of great memories caught on film {err...memory card}. I love the way these pictures turned out. And the best part was that we had most of our girls there that night! That never happens when I try to take group shots! :)

So, if you live in the Oregon area {shoot, maybe he'll even come to you!} check out his facebook page and his blog! :) He has some really great pictures there!
I am really glad that I have these pictures as we are heading into the end of their junior year. They are awesome girls {and stinkin' cute too!} and I am so thankful to be part of their lives!

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