Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Step One

Step one for project "get Natalie to Paris" is completed!

While its still too soon to book our flights or anything like that because its just too early {311 more days}, I did the next best thing. I spoke with my boss. I was so nervous! Why was I so nervous if I had the vacation time to cover the trip? Well, although we don't have the exact dates set yet, we do know about when we will be going and it just happens to fall in between the two busiest months for me at . I figured there was a good chance my boss might tell me I couldn't have the time off and then I wouldn't know where to go from there, but my boss is awesome! All I have to do is give her the dates when I know them and {BAM!} approved time off!! :)

The next step that I need to do is to get cracking on is the whole passport thing. Its kind of an important part of going to another country, don't ya think? I {and this might sound horrible} really want to have a nice looking picture! :) One day this month after getting my hair cut and styled {a wedding in a couple weeks!} I should run on down to wherever they do passport pictures and have mine taken while the hair still looks good! What do you think about that? Clever, huh? :)

If there was one thing I needed to keep in mind/remember about going out of the country, what would you suggest?

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