Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Awkward & Awesome

Welcome to this week's edition of {insert trumpets}...


~The shoes that I won from a giveaway a while back showed up and I wore them to work yesterday. 4 1/2 inches of pure awesomeness!! Since they are so amazing I got a little carried away and as I would pass people's desks I would stop and twirl on one foot...just because my shoes would let me. :) Don't you wish you worked with me??!

~Trying to give my nephew a piggyback ride and him grabbing my shirt and flashing the entire neighborhood. Thankfully, we were in his neighborhood and not mine. 

~A co-workers daughter called and then proceeded to chew me out because I didn't tell her what she wanted to hear. Then she said I was being rude and was yelling at her {trust me, she would know if I was yelling}. After getting off the phone I had to go explain what happened to my co-worker. She was super apologetic. Like, all day long. I felt so bad for her feeling so bad. I kept telling her not to worry about it and finally we had to hug it out. I am hoping that it worked...


~Cheesecake on Easter. Admit it, you're jealous. :)

~4 1/2 inches of pure awesomeness contained in a pair of shoes!

~Taking walks with my nephew...just the two of us. 

~The Lakers destroying the Hornets last game {and hopefully again tonight!}! Woo hoo! :)

~Spending Easter with friends and family


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