Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awkward & Awesome!!

So, I have some "awkwards" this week, which is fantastic, but let me tell you...I have felt like a fool all week long! 


~So, the Hubs was sitting on the couch and I was on the floor. I decided that if I sat closer to him he would rub my back {its my favorite!}. So, I started crawling towards him and mid "crawling motion" I just toppled over. He just kind of stared at me and then asked if I had been drinking. I clearly hadn't. That's just how I am...a crawling topple-er.

~I was leaving my co-workers office and as I was walking I turned and walked smack into the door. As I was bouncing off the door my co-worker turned around to see what was going on...and then just started laughing! I about died from laughing so hard! Sometimes {okay, more like all the time} I just crack myself up! 

~Getting new shoes {hello super sale at Old Navy!} and walking barefoot to your car...putting the shoes on and realizing the stretchy cord is still on them...not being able to cut it with your keys and do the awkward walk/shuffle to the office {talk about baby steps}, getting in the door and immediately asking for scissors. :) Looked.Ridiculous. Just sayin'.

~You know the phrase, "breaking the mold?" Is it super sad that I just figured out what that actually means?? I seriously had the whole "light bulb" moment!

~A tenant called for a co-worker while she was at lunch. His reply was, "oh, so she won't be back today then??" Hmm...if I would have known that's what "out to lunch" meant I wouldn't have come back! :)

~Getting moisturizer in your eye and walking around with a red eye. Apparently its moist enough without it. 

~Having the worst foot cramp.Ever. Hubby made me "walk it off." Had another "light bulb" moment while walking around the house. Now I get what that means. I'm telling you, this week has been a week of revelations!


~Having a 5 year old at church tell you she loves you 

~Mara Jade's love letter that she mailed to me {my girlfriend's youngest daughter}...makes my heart melt!
  Oh, and for clarification, my girlfriend's kids call my hubby "small Jim" because they know a really, really tall Jim that they call "big Jim." My hubby is 5'10". Poor guy didn't stand a chance! ;)

~Nice dinner in Washington with Jackie & Travis

~Hubby massaging my foot to help make the horrible foot cramp go away. I know, so lucky am I! :)

~Glee is back on!! Yippee!!

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