Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Its Here!!!

Remember the hat I told you that I won from  Chic By Loren that was hosted by AA Dreams Blog? Well, I got it in the mail yesterday!! Super excited!! I knew the picture that I had posted wasn't the one I had picked out, but then it didn't matter. That hat was gone. I wasn't concerned. I just wanted a tan hat and Loren was super easy to work with. She told me she was making a new one for me. And.I.Love.It. It has sparklies on it!! Sparkles, people!! :) 

 see the pretty sparkle?? There are three more on the other side :)

When I opened the box and saw the center of the flower was a rhinestone I giggled {okay, squealed probably better describes it} and did a little happy dance...because lets face it. That's what I do when I am excited! :)

Clearly, I couldn't wait to wear it. The hubs said I had to wear blue jeans so that I could wear it and be "Sporty Spice." So, this is my totally casual outfit. You can't see the blue jeans or the white and pink tennis shoes {yes, even tennis shoes have to match}, but I promise, they are there. :)

And now, I have my summer hat. In case you haven't caught on just yet...I love it and am really excited to be "sporting" it! :)

What is your thought on hats? They seem to be everywhere right now {whose excited?? This girl right here!}, but are you a fan?? :)
PS-The word of the day is clearly "excited." Sorry. I'll find another word to use tomorrow. Maybe. hehe!