Monday, April 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday...and Some Sunshine!

Good morning and welcome to Miscellany Monday!! Let's begin, shall we?!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


My Sunday school class is full of adorable little boys, but very few girls this year. While I was waiting for the teacher to show up for the next service one of the parents dropped off their daughter. She comes to my class sometimes, but not super often. We decided that we were going to color. I colored her a picture (so cute! She asked me if I was an artist). Then the teacher showed up, so I explained that I had to go to another class. She gave me the biggest hug, then just kept smiling at me. I told her I would see her soon and was getting ready

to leave, when she blurted out, "I love you" in the sweetest little girl voice. Some days are just good days. :)


What's better than shopping with your best friend?? Well, nothing, but if you can't go shopping with her then he next best thing is to have her shop for you! I had plans and didn't know about the amazing sale at old navy. So, my friend, Jackie, went shopping alone {she's such a trooper}. she happened to see that the shoes I liked when we were there last were on sale plus an additional 40% off {umm...can we say, heck ya?!}! she took some pics, sent them to me, and then I placed my order. It was early {7am on Saturday}, but it was fun! :)


So yesterday after lunch the hubs and I headed back to church to hang out until bible study. Now, I don't know if the caffeine kicked in or what, but I went a little crazy. First, I parked the car the wrong way in the parking lot, then I threw it in reverse, then I started doing circles in the parking lot, then stopped and started the car in the jerking motion, and then I parked again, opened the door, and threw the keys in the parking lot. I was cracking myself up {and my hubby}, but the best part were the high school students. They were standing in he grass getting ready to play Frisbee when all of this happened. By he end they were standing all in a line...just staring at me. Their

faces were worth the momentary craziness! :)


We are "die hard" Laker fans. When I say "we," I mostly mean he hubs. We have been watching the last couple of games, but were super sad when they lost yesterday, but we have high expectations. They will make finals {well, they have to if here is going to be peace in our house}. do you watch basketball??

How was your weekend??

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